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I am the only immortal

Private Davenport
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Tianshi Daozun sighed helplessly and said, "Hailong, you can't be too greedy.". This stone is the symbol of Tianshi Peak, which can only be held by the people in charge of Tianshi Peak in the past Dynasties. Although it is not a fairy, it has a high symbolic significance. "Well, you choose some other magic weapons, and Shifu promises to give you the best." Hailong also knew that it was impossible for Tianshi Daozun to give his Tianshi to himself, and the reason why he asked for it was just to gain greater benefits. After thinking about it, he said, "Well, Master Tianshi, I won't embarrass you either. Just give me a few defensive magic weapons.". That's all right. www.xiaoshuotxt.,com Chapter 27 Newcomer Competition. Tianshi Daozun sighed lightly and said, "Fortunately, I have only one disciple like you. Otherwise, I would have been angry to death before I could respond to the disaster." As he spoke, he waved his big sleeve lightly, and a blue and misty light came on,24v Gear Motor, and there was a sapphire box in front of the sea dragon. "I knew you were greedy," Tianshi Daozun continued. "I've already prepared them for you. They're all defensive magic weapons. The jade notes in the box have their usage methods. You can find out for yourself later.". Hey, I was too impulsive when I picked up Tianfeng. These are the compensation for you. It's just that I didn't expect your cultivation to improve so fast. You should be able to use them now. All right, put it away. I have business to talk to you. There is a faint aura coming from the sapphire box, which is a very pure energy. Just looking at the jade box, the sea dragon knew that what Tianshi had given him was really a good thing. Gan Kun Jie turned into a group of blue light under the urging of magic power. With a wave of his hand,Low Rpm Electric Motor, he had already included the blue jade box in it. "Thank you for your magic weapon," he said with a smile. "I don't remember what happened before. If you have anything to do,  At that time, all those in the seven sects of the Right Path who have practiced for less than a thousand years will be able to participate. This is both a good opportunity to prove themselves and an opportunity to add glory to their sects. In the past three hundred years, Gear Reduction Motor ,Micro Gear Motor, two competitions have been held. I am ashamed to say that the management of my disciples is mainly laissez-faire and self-cultivation. The second and third winners will be awarded a piece of the best treasure, and the first winner will be awarded a piece of immortal. You should be very clear about the concept of fairy ware. Hearing that there was a fairy vessel, the sea dragon was immediately moved and resolutely said, "Well, master,12v High Torque Motor, I promise you that I will win glory for our Lianyunzong." Said, but also made a righteous look. Hongzhi murmured in a low voice, "I think it's true to want to get that fairy ware." 。

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