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Industrial crystallization technology development history, current situation, technical details, this is also missed?

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(1) Type 1 of solubility curve: KNO3, NaNO3, NH4NO3, CaSO4, sugar, etc. (2) Form 2 of solubility curve: KCl, NaCl, (NH4) 2SO2, K2SO4, terephthalic acid, etc. (3) Type 3 of solubility curve: Na2SO4, cbd crystallization equipment ,hemp extraction centrifuge, ZnRO4H2O, CaSO4, MgSO4H2O, FeSOH2O4, etc. Different types of crystalline forms are suitable for different types of substances. In that case of clas 1 of the above classification, the solubility thereof varies greatly with temperature and is suitable for crystallization by cool. The solubility of the second kind of substance changes little with temperature, which is suitable for evaporation crystallization. Many chemical substances are prepared in industry by chemical reactions between gases or liquids to precipitate a solid crystalline product. The solvent in the system is generally driven away by means of the evolved heat of reaction. This method is called reactive crystallization. This method is particularly useful in industries that produce waste gases of value for recovery. For example, NH3 is recovered from coke oven exhaust gas, and the method of reacting NH3 with H2SO4 to crystallize to produce (NH4) 2SO4 is used. In other precipitation crystallization methods, there are different routes of salting-out crystallization, extraction crystallization, emulsification crystallization and addition crystallization. China's industry should do the following: (1) Accelerate the organization and support of the major subject of crystallization application theory research, accelerate the improvement of the level of crystallization application theory research, and prepare for the development and development of high and new technology in the 21st century. It is suggested that the State Science and Technology Commission and the State Planning Commission, on the one hand, continue to organize major industrial crystallization technologies, and on the other hand, call for and set off an upsurge in the development and popularization of new crystallization technologies in the industrial sector, striving to basically reach and partially surpass the international level in China's industrial sector within five years,molecular distillation systems, so as to ensure that China's industrial crystallization sector can gain a firm foothold in future international competition. (3) Vigorously strengthen international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation in the field of industrial crystallization, guide and encourage the scientific community and industry to carry out transnational scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges, and expand the content of international cooperation and exchanges from different levels and channels. (Source: Huan Gong 707) Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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