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Perfect World (1)

Private Davenport
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Shi Hao explained that he had a big sword embryo, but also met a small tower, as well as the inverse scales of the real dragon, and so on, absolutely extraordinary. However, he always felt that weapons were foreign objects after all, and sometimes it would be too inconvenient if they were lost or taken away by others. That will form a certain dependence. It is better to refine one's own body and make one's own body comparable to the treasure! Therefore, although he has amazing weapons,smart board interactive whiteboard, he relies more on himself, so that no matter where he goes in the future, whether he has weapons in hand or not, he is not afraid. He firmly believes that he is strong enough, what treasures, secret soldiers, etc., can be unarmed confrontation, simple tear! "Well, the road is your own choice. It doesn't matter if you don't need weapons. I hope one day you can really cut it off with your bare hands without fear of any weapons." Said the Great Elder. And this is even simpler,86 smart board, want to refine that God awn, with Shi Hao's current magic power should not be able to do. Not long ago, it was obvious to all that this divine light had broken through the treasures of the older generation, and even pierced the palm of a great master, dripping with blood. The war always felt that it was just right to use this drop of immortal blood to refine and fuse Shenmang with Shi Hao, which could be foolproof. Of course, this still needs the help of the Great Elder, otherwise, this God Mang is still too horrible. Which part of the body do you want it to blend with? Asked the Great Elder. Eye Fatty Cao made a random suggestion. Not to mention Shi Hao, that is, the elder shook his head, this evil thing can not be melted into the eyes, relatively speaking, Shi Hao is still too fragile. Primordial spirit! Cried the Taiyin Jade Rabbit. Don't heckle! The Great Elder can't bear to look at it. It's not a divine thought. It's of little significance to smelt into the primordial spirit, and in the process of smelting, it may crush the sea of Shi Hao's divine consciousness. Between the eyebrows, form a vertical eye, when the time comes to stare who died! Cried the little golden horned ant ferociously. Go and stay there! Meng Tianzheng, the elder, interactive touch screens education ,interactive whiteboard for schools, said that he felt that these children were too unreliable to speak. The children in the tribe looked at it from a distance, and even the adults were surprised. The fairy blood and the thunder pool were amazing. In addition, the elder looked like a supreme figure, which was awesome. Next, they did not delay time, Shi Hao wanted to become stronger immediately and improve his fighting power. However, he can not yield, will not give up halfway, again, the palm of the light, a very small golden ROC emerged, attack the God awn. At the same time, his back is green and green, the method of willow God cuts immortals, and many chains of order gods stab out and spread forward, trapping this God awn and refining it. Then, Shi Hao's eyebrows glowed, and a mark in the shape of a thunder pool appeared, shooting out one after another thunder, which also fell in front of his palm and fingers, bombarding the beam. Then his chest glowed, and thousands of fragments of time danced,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, which were the magical powers of reincarnation, imposed on his palms and fingers, and suppressed with them.

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