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Ten Moments of Spring

Private Astoria
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Fang Ying was so tearful by such a cliche scene that she wanted to speak and began to choke as soon as she made a sound. I was not used to such a sudden surge of emotion, and I was at a loss for a moment, so I had to raise the back of my hand to cover my eyes. Jiang Xichi took the box in her hand, took out the ring, and slowly put it on her. Fang Ying said hurriedly, "What are you doing? What are you doing?" I haven't said yes yet. "How does that do?" Jiang Xichi falls the kiss on her finger, "wear already put on, otherwise this lifetime you make do with first." Fang Ying laughed out loud and looked at him with her fingers together. "Ah Chi, you are so cliche." "Understand, after all, I am a science student." He stood up, grabbed Fang Ying's hand, pulled her down from the barstool, and hugged her in his arms. The two men leaned together in this way, and neither of them spoke. For a long time, Fang Ying asked aloud, "What are you thinking about?" “…… The first time I saw you. "Your first time is not the same as my first time," Fang Ying said with a smile. "I've really seen you before. You play the guitar on the opposite side, and it sounds terrible." Jiang Xichi: ".." "You've made a lot of progress, don't be depressed, at least now you can cheat me with this trick." "Well.." Jiang Xichi bowed his head directly and gagged her chattering mouth. Go back to the room. This time they were lying on their sides, Jiang Xichi holding her from behind, moving very slowly, holding her waist in his hands, and from time to time kissing her on his hair. It seems that the meaning of intimacy is more than other. Go to get the license tomorrow. Fang Ying didn't hear clearly: "What?" "Go to get the license tomorrow and get up early." Fang Ying laughed out loud,mirror stainless steel sheet, "I have to go to work tomorrow." "Leave of absence." He originally wanted to put the dove on her birthday and make up for it, but he was always worried about this year's birthday, and what happened outside the plan, so he simply chose the day rather than hit the day. Fang Ying said with a smile, "Well, I'll give up this month's perfect attendance award and reluctantly promise you." After the end, Fang Ying closed his eyes and did not want to move a finger. I have to take a shower. It's annoying. Jiang Xichi also did not want to move for the time being, holding her slightly panting. Quiet for a while. Jiang Xichi listened to her breathing gradually heavy, looked at her, lips touched her ear, "Hotaru, sleep?" Fang Ying didn't make a sound. Jiang Xichi smiled helplessly, "at least we have to clean it up." He grabbed her arm and put it on his shoulder and picked her up. Fang Ying muttered impatiently. Jiang Xichi picked her up directly and went to the bathroom. When the water poured down, stainless steel welded pipe ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, Fang Ying woke up, yawned, and looked listlessly at Jiang Xichi. After hanging up the phone, Jiang Xichi turned his head and looked at Fang Ying. Suddenly he said in all seriousness,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, "Grandma is wrong." "Hm?" "She says getting married is the most important thing in your life." "What's wrong? Isn't it right?" Jiang Xichi looked at her, "Every day with me is very important." “……” Fang Ying never thought that Jiang Xichi's understatement of such a sentence easily poked her. By the time we finished dealing with the family, several groups had already exploded. Min Jiasheng: Too much! Bian Yu: Yes! Min Jiasheng: Where is the red envelope? Liang Yanqiu: I'll go! You've been making trouble this morning! You don't care about us! Gu Yuluo: Congratulations.

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