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Therefore, this kind of magic fire can be named after the true fire of Taoist Samadhi, which is one of the most powerful means for the masters of magic religion. The Qinghai dragon horse was extremely surprised to see that the magic fire was fierce and the wall of water was useless. He stepped on his hooves uneasily twice, and a horse's head tilted. Suddenly, with a long hiss, he stood up again. This time,water bottling line, he was not in a hurry to fall down and tread water with his hooves. Instead, he kept kicking in the air, as if he were using his two front hooves to make a gesture. 9。 The Lingshou Taoist had seen this gesture many times in those years. How could he not recognize that it was a sign that the Qinghai Dragon Horse was going to perform its most powerful natural magic? He could not help exclaiming in surprise: "Clouds, water, wind, thunder, and light?" Rao Lingshou Taoist's magic skill was very strong, and he didn't dare to let Qinghai Longju perform this natural Zhenshan level magic. At that moment,PET blow moulding machine, he waved his hand and played several magic tricks. With a thunderbolt, he shook six Six-Ren Flame Magic Chain Pillars, urging those magic fires to wrap around Qinghai Longju at a faster speed. As soon as Lingshou Taoist's magic power came out, the speed of the magic fire immediately increased several times. Seeing that the fastest flying line of fire had touched the body of the Qinghai Dragon Horse, but its cloud, water, wind, thunder and light had not yet been displayed. If it continued, it would be entangled by the line of fire and suffer from the pain of refining the soul. However, the strength of 179 elite B is not so simple after all, not to mention that Qinghai Longju has a rare specialty in the world? Therefore, although the man stood on the surface of the sea to cast a spell, he was not in a hurry when he saw the magic fire close to him. He did not make a gesture at the moment, nor did he accumulate strength. His hind hooves directly and fiercely exerted their strength. The agile body like a dragon actually jumped five feet high and went twenty or thirty feet away. With a "whoosh", he ran out from the encirclement of the magic fire line and gently avoided the attack. 5。 This will be able to see the power of the Qinghai dragon horse, water bottle packaging machine ,Beverage packing machine, after all, in terms of speed, this can travel tens of thousands of miles a day, regardless of the sea, land and air are regarded as a smooth road dragon horse in this hundred thousand miles of Qinghai Lake if they are the second, then no one dares to say that they are the first! Relying on the unique speed of Qinghai, the rare speed of the world, It is even more impossible to hit the body of the dragon horse with a magic fire that is much slower than the chain of God pillars. 4。 (7) Can escape, but still stay in danger, there is only one reason, that is, the Qinghai Dragon Horse is confident that there is a way to crack the Six Ren Flame Demon Chain God Pillar! (Z) As expected by Lingshou Taoist, a moment later, the Qinghai dragon horse, which was galloping as fast as photoelectricity, suddenly had 108 bright lamps rotating around its body for no reason. The shape of the lamp was like a horse's hoof, which contained half of the liquid like clear water and ignited a little bright fire. But strangely, no matter how fast and fast these lamps flew, There was no shaking of the liquid and the fire. (Small) "Sure enough, it's the cloud, water, wind,Edible oil filling machine, thunder, and bright lantern. This four-hoofed beast has actually cultivated this magic to the realm of one hundred and eight bright lanterns. I'm afraid the Six Ren Flame Demon Chain God Pillar can't control it!" Lingshou Taoist secretly scolded in his heart, "Is it necessary for Lao Tzu to spend the power of the primordial spirit and use that magic weapon to drive this four-hoofed beast away?" 。

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Listed On: 01 Nov 2022

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