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Xing Tang

Private Asheville
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Li Wei is a little suspicious, is there anything wrong with Princess Changle, the mother of Zhao's nv? Back to the East Palace, send someone to find Wang Cainian secretly, let him inquire about the truth of the matter. About Wang Cainian is also concerned about this matter, and will bring news soon. Li Zhi said that Princess Changle was a sister, which was also right and wrong. The real identity of Princess Changle is Li yuan's own nv son, the most I I nv son. Li Zhi is no good, Li yuan and Li Shimin are especially able to give birth to children, including the children who died, Li yuan a total of 22 sons, 19 nv children. Li Shimin is a little worse. He has fourteen sons and twenty-one nv sons. As a result, there is a big age difference between brothers and sisters. Princess Changle is a lifetime older than Li Zhi, but she was born later. He is also the only one among all the nvs of Li yuan who is better than Li Zhi. Therefore, Li Zhi treated this aunt as a younger sister from the perspective of II. And because of this strange relationship, Li Zhi is even more spoiled. Old II's children are particularly spoiled, coupled with noble birth, usually a little arrogant. Although this Li Wei did not have much contact with this I I ǎn n ǎin ǎi, he could probably see some shadows from her nv son. Li Zhi has some pet, often enter the palace, to Wu Zetian, the attitude is not very friendly. One is that she was born cheap, and the other is that Wu Zetian herself was a talented person of Emperor Taizong, and now she is Li Zhi's wife, so she is not used to it. Contradictions have existed for a long time. Next was Wang Cainian's guess. Last year, before the imperial edict was issued to Zhangsun Wuji, Princess Changle happened to go to the palace and talked with Li Zhi for a long time. Later not only under the imperial edict,Magnesium Oxide MgO, restore the title of Zhangsun Wuji, also let its nv marry Li Xian do princess. It may not be at the behest of Princess Changle, but it is doubtful. In fact, according to the generation, also should not have this marriage, after all, Zhao nv also long Li Xian generation, but only the princess, besides,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, Li Zhi even his father's nv people are married, this is nothing. But in the end, it is somewhat impolite, so it makes people more suspicious and speculative. Zhao's nv confinement is probably Li Wei heard Li Xian's report. During the confinement, Wu Zetian did not give orders, but sent her trusted eunuch, Zhong Qingshi, to supervise. Zhong Qingshi asked his men to send raw food in, and sent someone to see if the palace of confinement was smoking. This is an interesting order. Smoke, proving that Zhao's nv can cook in order to survive. Then don't kill her. Find another way. If not smoke, Zhao nv spoiled, about can starve to death. To investigate, just confinement, not not to give food, have made a mistake, will send someone to serve you? Who's to blame if you'd rather starve to death than cook? Li Wei wrote this down with his heart. Even if there's no smoke, why don't you send someone in to check? You can also ask a rhetorical question. Then, after a few days of supervision, no smoke came out of the chimney. It happened that Li Wei went to Wu Chengsi's house to make trouble, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,calcium ammonium nitrate price, so Wu Zetian ordered an inspection. And at this point, they continue to endure, and those who support them are also more disappointed. And endure to go on, the mother a gamble ruthless, also come to a both long, look at Shu, oneself is in the east palace,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, also have danger. So he wrote a letter to his mother, saying that he was wrong and should make up with the Duke of Zhou, hoping that his mother would allow him to leave the palace and apologize to the Duke of Zhou.

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Listed On: 26 Oct 2022

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