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And then we all cried.

Private Astoria
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I asked her, what's wrong? She said, Zheng Yuxi said, he is also good for Su Lie, she is just in time, suitable for a better life. I said, in fact, your father is not as bad as you said. This feeling has been searched for thousands of times. Chihiro, who was buried in a psychology book, looked up and waved and said, "Let her go if she should go. If she misses us, she will come back.". Su Lie left, the gourd melancholy, only I and Michu, Chihiro three people, how can not lift the spirit, so rarely get together at ordinary times, occasionally sitting in the time bar on weekends, sitting for an afternoon. When I think of the way Su Lie used to sit here gracefully pointing out rivers and mountains with a cigarette between his fingers, I feel very sad. What I didn't expect was that after so many things happened, the quiet life suddenly became dangerous. As soon as I walked into the office one morning, I heard my colleagues in the office discussing eagerly. Hey, did you hear that the son of the city director who killed someone was sentenced to prison? I heard that it was not his son who went to prison with the golden cicada. "Well, money makes the mare go these days." "You say no one cares about such a thing?" …… As I walked toward my position,automated warehouse systems, I asked nervously, "Where did you get the news?"? Look, I just saw the news on the Internet. My colleague pointed me to a forum listed on the computer screen. I quickly went to my seat and turned on the computer. Suddenly, I felt dizzy. In this age of Internet development, everything spreads like wings to the whole city, even the whole country and the whole world in ten minutes. I picked up my cell phone and went to the bathroom. I dialed the phone of the gourd. Just after it rang, the gourd picked it up. I said, gourd, do you know the news on the Internet? The gourd gave a calm "hmm". I said,industrial racking systems, now what? Is your father trying to find a way? The gourd said that there was probably no way. What do you mean? I asked the gourd in surprise. The gourd seemed to be so sad that he spoke very slowly. He said that some time ago, when my father was looking for someone to replace me, I went to the living room to drink water at night. When I walked past their bedroom door, I heard him telling my mother that the city was investigating him recently. And now I have such a thing, he took the risk to do it, if it can be done, we can do it, at least to ensure the safety of my mother and me, if not, I am afraid the family will not be married. The appearance of the gourd in a low voice gave birth to a fear in my heart that I could not grasp it. I asked, is uncle's matter serious? The gourd sighed. What do you think? Every industry in the city has his behind-the-scenes investment, and many relatives of my family have gone deep into various industries to do business under his care. The water is too deep. Gourd I called out his name, but I couldn't say a word. After Su Lie left, I felt that I suddenly became very fragile. At this moment, I was afraid that if I opened my mouth again, I would choke. Don't worry The gourd comforted me, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,asrs warehouse, his tone was calm, he said, if this matter can come to an end, anyway, I have been restless day and night, waiting for this day for a long time. It seems that love is really the best skin care product for women. I did not take the paper towel handed by Lu Qiming,radio shuttle racking, but turned around and walked away. After walking a long way, I suddenly remembered that I still had the design he gave me, and I always wanted to find a chance to return it to him.

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