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Buddha is originally the Tao _ Dreaming into the Divine Machine _ txt Novel Paradise

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"I can't go if I want to!" The little fox and Zhou Chen set up their flying swords and came from far away at a very fast speed. In an instant, they stopped not far from them. Their whole body was shining with precious light, surrounded by golden clouds and rosy clouds. They had a great momentum. The blue God hid in the void and looked on coldly at the movement of the phantom. At this time, the little fox had someone to back him up. It was very different from the beginning. He opened his mouth and said, "The spirit of Kongtong, you have destroyed the magic weapon given to us by my master. It is already a big crime. I must take you back today and let the head of Kongtong come to lead you." The little fox returned what the spirit had just said. Damn cheap maidservant, thought to find that bullshit master Tiandaozong took a few magic weapons, to show off, really do not know whether to live or die, originally see you are women, deliberately let you go, now it seems that it is not necessary. The spirit of the earth came to his senses and heard the words of the little fox. He was furious. He was a defeated general and a woman. The spirit of the earth had an arrogant temper. How could he stand it? He sacrificed the fallen soul bell and hit the two women. Earth Spirit! Stop it! Huan Ling Lao Dao hurriedly waved his hand and stopped the falling soul bell with a sword light. His eyesight was much better than that of Di Lingzi. Naturally, he saw that the magic weapon on the two women was not ordinary. He was afraid that Tiandao Zong had a long history and would cause more trouble. Martial Uncle, why did you stop me? Didn't you hear what those two cheap maidservants said? Personally, I am small, and losing the face of Kongtong is big! Even if the master is here today, I will take down these two bitches. Earth spirit son see magic spirit old way block, know magic spirit old way scruple what, hurriedly with language run. Even clay figurines were angry, not to mention the little fox and Zhou Chen. The little fox clenched his teeth and secretly took out the gourd magic weapon that Zhou Qing had given him. However,metal racking systems, the two women were also very shrewd and did not make a move first. The little fox said coldly, "Is it possible that the disciples of Kongtong will show off their tongue?"? Don't say too much nonsense, immediately go in with us to apologize to the suzerain, wait for you to pick up people, or don't blame us for the heavy hand. Seeing that the two sides refused to give in to each other and were on the verge of breaking out, Huan Ling Lao Dao was also a little angry. Kongtong was at least a big sect. A small disciple of Tiandao Sect took a few magic weapons and was so arrogant: "Martial Nephew Diling, just punish them a little. At most, it will destroy their Taoism. Don't kill them. At least,push back racking system, it will teach Tiandao Sect a lesson." Let them know the means of our Kongtong. Hearing Martial Uncle nodding his head, Earth Spirit immediately turned the falling soul bell in the air and hit the two women again. His body shook at the same time, and he released two male and female swords. The light of ten thousand swords was extremely powerful, and he strangled the two women. At this time, the spirit son is with all his strength, without any reservation, completely ignoring the exhortation of the old way of the phantom spirit, the old way of the phantom spirit face slightly changed, sighed slightly, and no longer stopped, even if killed two women, think that day Daozong also made a big wave, an overseas casual practice, how many people can there be under the door? Seeing that the falling soul bell was very fierce, industrial racking systems ,metal racking systems, Zhou Chen was not afraid. The earth spirit was held by the immortal rope and fixed by the white gas. It could not even speak. I saw the little fox read a spell,shuttle rack system, toward the gourd hit a Gong, called out: "Please turn around baby!" " As soon as the white gas swirled, the head of Lingzi fell off. Small. Say 。 T! Xt-Paradise Chapter 181 kill three birds with one stone.

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