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Cat Male Observation Log

Private Astoria
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But it happened that Sun Ze was an unavoidable chapter in this story, even if he did not ask or think about it, he could not erase this history. He looked quietly into the distance at the reflection of thousands of lights on the river at night. The world is so big, who doesn't have an unspeakable past? What are you thinking? Aren't you happy when I talk about him? Ji Yanshi raised her head from his arms to observe him. Her smart big eyes were innocent and pitiful. She seldom had such a gentle and weak moment. No. I wonder what would have happened if I had been the first person to know you. He was such a cold man that it was rare for him to fantasize about such a strange thing as going back in time. Ji Yanshi asked with interest, "What will happen?" "When I first went to college, I won a few prizes playing semi-professionally, but at that time the prize money was not much, and it was estimated that it was not enough for you to spend in Japan." His big hand always covered the back of her head, straightened her hair, and calmly analyzed, "But I don't usually spend much money, and I seem to have a lot of savings." "Do you mean to keep me?" Ji Yanshi burst out laughing, "Great God Mul?" Mu Heng could hear her joking tone, but he nodded seriously: "Yes." Yan Shi hid in his warm embrace and raised his lips unconsciously. His chest was warm and his heartbeat was steady and rhythmic. She tells him stealthily again: "Nevertheless, if know you at that time, I am certain do not stay there go down, clamoring to want to drop out of school to return to the motherland everyday." "Yes, you are too naughty." "But I can't go back,american hot tub, and it's useless to think about it." Ji Yanshi sighed with emotion, and his little hands around his waist tightened their consciousness. "Anyway, I think it's fine now." "Well, it's fine now." He smiled again, remembering for no reason what she had been humming softly. Love is only love, and great love is only love in the end. What he wants to give her may be the most ordinary thing in the world. But he is willing to twist this ordinary feeling into the never-ending wheel of time. Ji Yanshi is very upset. She hasn't updated the comic for more than a week. She hid in Mu Heng's home every day to draw illustrations,endless swimming pool, and did not dare to open Weibo at all. Little Peach Blossom threatened that she had assembled the whole class and would come to her home together to urge more. Might as well kill her. Since the relationship with Mu Heng has gone a step further, she has not dared to draw "One Hundred Ways to Die in Show of Love". Nothing else, just suddenly scared to death. The only thing to blame is that she was too ruthless before. One of the main characters in the comic died more miserably than the other. Now she can think of the content of the comic wherever she goes. There is a classic horror film series called "Death Comes", in which people can have fancy accidents wherever they go, and the pictures are so bloody that people can't look directly at them. Ji Yan ten now have this kind of feeling, may be really too wicked, very afraid of suddenly come to this world, walking on the road was eaten by a shark, or sleeping was killed by a brick? Just like the purpose of her series of bad taste comics, anything is possible. So she hid faintly on the floor of Mu Heng's house, scribbling with a picture book in her arms, and soon drew a new story, which was uploaded to the Internet and knelt down to beg readers to stop killing for the time being. The name of the story is also very stupid, hot tub manufacturers ,outdoor spa manufacturers, called "Four Aunts Come", a strong Shanzhai wind blows on the face, she calls it a country ethics suspense horror cartoon. In order to avoid the rush hour, Muheng got up very early the next day. It took more than three hours to drive to Nanjing, and when he arrived at the appointed hotel,garden jacuzzi tub, it was only about ten o'clock in the morning, thinking that he probably hadn't got up yet, so he didn't call her.

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