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Harem ascendancy

Private Astoria
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Look at her again, isn't she trying to be brave? If you don't leave, I'm afraid the eyes full of mist will cry. After pinching her fleshy little hand, Emperor Jing looked at the two people who looked like wronged people over there. "If I hadn't been standing here long ago, I would have been deceived by you two," he said coldly. Lian's gossip was demoted to nobleman, and Bai's sowing dissension was demoted to Wujuan. In the future, remember to be cautious in words and deeds and not to act arbitrarily. Turn around in disgust. Soothing her with a soft voice, "The moon will go back to the palace first. I have something to do. I'll come to see you later.". I know you have been wronged. Be good, go back and wait for me. The weather was getting colder and colder. Lai Xi sent the fur of the snow fox that the Northern Jue had paid tribute to to the Chunbin Palace. "Thank the emperor for his grace." The tone of the twelfth lunar month is not very happy. Jing Di couldn't help rubbing her hair and comforting her: "I won't let you be wronged.". Be good and go back first. "Yes." Instead of pestering her, she stepped back and left regularly, and the pace of her departure was somewhat hasty. Occasionally, he saw her raise her arm as if she had wiped the corner of her eye. If she continues to stay, she will not be able to help crying. She is really a stubborn girl. He looked coldly at Lian Xiuyun and Bai Xiaodie, whose faces were pale, and left with a cold hum. After a while, the dispute between the three people was widely spread in the palace. The twelfth lunar month really goes faster, and tears are constantly flowing. Seeing this, Tao'er comforted him by saying, "Don't be too sad,Surveyors tape measure, master. The emperor treats his master sincerely and won't let him be wronged." The twelfth lunar month wiped her tears and did not say much. The apricot pulled the peach, shook his head, and the two of them were silent. Back to Tingyu Pavilion, the twelfth lunar month covered her face with a veil. Everyone said she was sad, but she didn't know that her face under the veil was smiling like a flower. Master, Grandfather Laixi came over and sent the snow fox fur given by the emperor. "Bring it up." The twelfth lunar month touched the white plush soft fur, and secretly praised that it was really a good thing. This time,Diameter tape measure, the Northern Jue only presented ten. Apart from the four pieces given by the emperor to the ministers, one was for his own use, and the rest were given to the Empress Dowager, De Fei, Fu Guipin, and the big prince. This last one was originally stared at by many people, but it was unexpected that the emperor gave it to her. No matter what kind of thought the emperor had, she was delighted, and she didn't want to waste her time in the palace, smiling in front of him every day, just to go up step by step! The thing is not important, but the idea behind it is the key point. The emperor went to Jiaoyun Palace, even if he did not say, the twelfth lunar month was naturally known. Thinking of everyone in the palace, horse weight tape ,Walking measuring wheel, the soft fingers of the twelfth lunar month scratched the comfortable snow fox cushion, although the queen mother seemed not very satisfied with the imperial concubine Now he just thought she was interesting and lovely. Raised her face: "I will be good to you.". No matter what,fish measuring tape, I won't hurt you. "Do you like me best?" 'Good. I like you best. You have to be obedient, too, you know? "I'm not disobedient." Sighed.

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