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Jian Xiu's Way to Hit the Face [Quick Pass]

Private Fall River
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The other two in the class are all weak chickens. This day during the break, Yan Ze suddenly came over and said to Xuan yuan. Yan Ze didn't want to sign up, but the number of boys in Class 2 who can participate in sports competitions is really not enough, and those boys who are asked by the sports committee will take part in more relaxed competitions such as long jump and high jump at most, or run 100 meters at most. Like the 3000-meter long-distance race, the 1500-meter long-distance race and so on, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,grey marble slab, it was really impossible to get together. So Yan Ze, who was tall and big (by mistake), was caught as a able-bodied man. He had to run 1500 meters and 4 × 100. Well, the reason why he didn't report the 3000 meters was that there was an unlucky person in the 3000 meters long-distance race. This unlucky person is.. Xuanyuan is here. Well, yes. Xuanyuan closed the book carelessly and answered casually, "Then go and talk to the sports committee later." When Yan Ze saw him close the book, he couldn't help smiling: "I can see that you didn't listen at all in class, did you?"? I said, you don't just look like a straight a student, but in fact you are a poor student like me, right? If that's the case, we can still sit together after the monthly exam. In fact, he also knew that this was unlikely, after all, when he first entered the school, the roster was arranged according to the results of the high school entrance examination, and the name of Lu Chenxi was hanging in the front. There are four exams in a semester, two monthly exams, one mid-term exam and one final exam, which is equivalent to one exam a month. Now the first monthly exam has not yet started, the class seats are arranged according to height and personal volunteers, and after the monthly exam, according to the class head teacher Zhu, it is according to the results. Raising his eyebrows, Xuanyuan looked sideways at Yan Ze. There was a faint smile in his dark phoenix eyes. He hooked his lips and said, "I think we should still sit together in terms of height." The two of them are still tall in the class, especially Lu Chenxi's body is pulled up very quickly under the premise of vitality, it seems that it can reach 1.8 meters. Tomorrow is the sports meeting, after the sports meeting is the National Day holiday, probably the teachers have discussed, in the last class before the holiday, they have arranged a lot of "National Day gifts" containing "love", every teacher has one, every student has one, no omission. The math teacher claimed to be the teacher who loved them most, leaving only three sets of monthly exam simulation papers + exercise book unit exercises, which was relatively small in the main course. Sure enough, the math teacher still takes good care of the students, and there is not much homework left after careful consideration. It's not a lot of ghosts. However, compared with the Chinese teacher's three simulation papers + a narrative essay + two argumentative essays + daily excerpts + poetry recitation and dictation + sports meeting thoughts + exercise book unit exercises, and the English teacher's three simulation papers + cloze test special training 10 + reading comprehension special training 10 + text recitation + word copying recitation + exercise book unit exercises + dictation words.. Do you think the math teacher is really very gentle and loving? Leave the holiday homework is simply very conscience, very consideration for the students? From then on, it was really a lifetime of math. Are we on holiday? Even Yan Ze, who never did much homework, could not help but ask when he saw the list of homework displayed on the right edge of the blackboard. This is just the main course, not counting physics, chemistry,Silver Travertine Slabs, biology, politics, geography and history.

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