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New China 1903

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Shen Xiaoshu seemed to see what Pan Kui, Wu Xiangzhen, and Fan Guozhang were thinking. He explained with a smile, "The division is equivalent to the town of the former Qing Dynasty, and the brigade is equivalent to the association of the former Qing Dynasty. Then the regiment is equivalent to Biaomi of the previous Qing Dynasty." Pan Kui, Wu Xiangzhen,  During the banquet, Zhang Zhijiang said, "Vice Minister Zhang has already explained that the three of you are also interested in revolution, but it is still difficult to reward Love Yin for a while. Chairman said that as long as Love Yin has the intention to save the nation, he is welcome at any time.". I,inflatable air dancer, Zhang Zhijiang, prepared a little wine, and then sent the three of you to Shenyang to meet Vice Minister Zhang. After that, Zhang Zhijiang raised his glass and said, "Dry!" Pan Kui, Wu Xiangzhen, Fan Guozhang three people see Zhang Zhijiang forthright, to also put down the thought of the beginning of Zhang Zhijiang frontier. It is said that the artillery of the third town was lucky to escape the artillery of the Northeast Army,Inflatable indoor park, and magically took advantage of the surrender of twenty towns to escape with more than a dozen surviving artillery and artillery. Along the way, the pine meteorite transported the third town to support the artillery of a standard infantry. Artillery Biaotong was startled. He thought he was very lucky. He heard Biaotong say in a loud voice, "I am Wu Peifu, the third artillery of the third town." When he looked at his own family, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It's against me, it's against me. All the twenty towns have gone to the revolutionary party." Wu Pei-fu said disdainfully, "These rabble are not worth worrying about. I have been ordered to punish you. The Miyohan Artillery, Biaoyi, was stunned and cried out," What is the reason for my crime? " Wu Pei-fu said, "You've lost all the cannons in our third town. Isn't it a great sin to remonstrate with yourself?" Artillery Biaotong laughed and said, "I'm not a fool. How could I pull all the fifty cannons up to the donkey at one time?" Stunned, Wu Pei-fu asked, Inflatable water park factory ,inflatable bounce house with slide,? Where is Pan Kui's cannon? Self-remonstrance Artillery Biao Tong said with a smile, "I've only pulled up sixteen gates, but the rest are still behind!" Wu Peifu smiled. "You're a clever boy. You saved your life.". Admonish Artillery Biaotong groped for something on his body, and the headmaster, Zhuan Yinpu Xie, quietly stuffed it into Wu Peifu's hand. "I hope brother Ziyu will put in a good word for my younger brother."  After the revolution,Inflatable indoor park, the intelligence departments of the great powers in various countries began to conduct activities in Lianbei in order to find out the actual situation. Among the imperialist powers, Tsarist Russia was the first to interfere in the Revolution of 1911. As early as many days before the Wuchang Uprising, the Russian concession authorities in Hankou had gone out to "help the Chinese police search for the revolutionary party" and actively provided clues to the local Qing government "in order to arrest those suspected of engaging in revolutionary activities".

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