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On the other side, Ye Xiaolei just ran a short distance, immediately perceived a pursuer behind him, immediately took out a pistol, did not look back, while running, while shooting blindly behind him. Bang! "Bang!" …… Chasing the biochemical soldiers behind Ye Xiaolei, seeing that Ye Xiaolei's speed was almost the same as theirs, I was shocked again. Damn war doctor, attack power is super high! Life value is amazing! Even the speed is unparalleled,temperature scanning kiosks, I ***, but also let people live! The biochemical soldier just finished complaining. Puff! A bullet happened to hit him in the body.-45. Ding. System: Your health is below 50% and your overall stats are reduced by 10%. Hearing this voice, the biochemical soldier wanted to cry without tears, and his attributes were reduced, which meant that his movement speed was also reduced. At that moment, he could only stop with a black face and sigh feebly: "With my life value, I was killed with two shots. This is still a fart." Although many teammates died, but as long as he did not die, he naturally did not have much anger,Interactive digital signage, anyway, the loss is the corps, not him. As for the other two biochemical soldiers, when they saw the speed of their teammates suddenly dropping, and then looked at the war doctor who kept turning back to shoot blindly in front of them, they suddenly had the intention to quit. Whew! Ye Xiaolei disappeared into the woods, looked back, found no pursuers, a happy heart, then, for the sake of safety, immediately poured a bottle of primary life potion. System: You take a primary health potion that restores 20 health every 3 seconds for six seconds. A bottle of primary potion, which can restore almost all the health value of an ordinary player, is extremely precious. Outside, a bottle of primary potion, the price reaches 20 star coins. In other words, interactive kiosk price ,touch screen digital signage, Ye Xiaolei swallowed 30 RMB in one mouthful, which is quite luxurious. Oh? How dare you come after him? As soon as Ye Xiaolei stopped, he immediately found a lot of people in the rear catching up with him. At that moment, he sneered at the corners of his mouth: "My life value is invincible for players at this stage.  For Ye Xiaolei, 15 minutes is long enough, even if the skill falls into the cooldown, he has the confidence to deal with the enemy. In this way, the giant charge, Ye Xiaolei retreat, so the two sides have been consuming, a few rounds down, the death toll of the Qingtian Corps has increased a lot. It's not that he didn't want to rush up in a swarm, but after seeing the amazing life value of the war doctor (Ye Xiaolei), he gave up the plan. Can kill the war doctor is a problem, even if killed, their side must pay a very heavy price. Five minutes later. With a calm face, Qingbatian said to Ye Xiaolei in a deep voice, "I don't care who sent you. As long as you are willing to join my Qingtian Corps,digital whiteboard price, I can let bygones be bygones. In addition, I will give you the position of deputy regimental commander. You can ask for whatever conditions you need." Hearing that Qingtian admitted defeat, Ye Xiaolei frowned. "This guy can say such a thing at this time. He is obviously a character. It seems that it will be very difficult to fight against Qingtian Corps in the future." 。

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Listed On: 01 Nov 2022

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